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Release Date: 2015
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Character: Sasha
Genre: Action Thriller

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"Any Day"
Release Date: 2014
Directed By: Rustam Branaman
Character: Cherry
Genre: Drama Romance Thriller

"Any Day" Movie Trailer
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"The Nurse"
Release Date: 2014
Directed By: Sam Irvin
Character: Lynette
Genre: Thriller

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Release Date: 2012
Directed By: Tawnia McKiernan
Character: Tabatha Delavega
Genre: TV Series

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"Magic City"
Release Date: 2012
Directed By: Mitch Glazer
Character: Janice
Genre: TV Series

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"The Glades"
Release Date: 2011
Created By: Clifton Campbell
Character: Shelby Daniels
Genre: TV Series

"The Glades:Shine" TV Episode
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"Universal Squadrons"
Release Date: 2010
Directed By: Mark Millhone
Character: Becca
Genre: Thriller

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"Friday The 13th"
Release Date: February 13, 2009
Directed By: Marcus Nispel
Character: Chelsea
Genre: Horror
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"Friday The 13th" Movie Trailer
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"Anna Nicole"
Release Date: 2008
Directed By: Keoni Waxman
Character: Anna Nicole Smith
Genre: Biography
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Release Date: April 15, 2008
Directed By: Charles T. Kanganis
Character: Claire Dennison
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
8 Web Videos
Hey Everyone! So I was snooping online and found 8 videos! And with my new recording program I managed to rip them off the web and make them into downloadable videos for you all to collect and enjoy. They are the following

Use Links Below To View Videos
TMZ Nicolette, Willa Ford Pussycat Lounge Vegas
Maxim Hot 100 Extra Footage
Arby's Sports Action Awards Presenting/Backstage
Arby's Sports Action Awards Access Hollywood
Maxim Photo shoot Access Hollywood
DWTS Access Hollywood
Fox News Anna Movie Willa Role
RedEye Willa Ford Interview

Videos are currently being uploaded to Sendspace.com Keep Checking back...
5:29 PM
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E! News Couples News
Last night E!News aired a segment on Celeb Couples News. Mentioning that Willa & Mike got married over the weekend and showing a wedding picture that I posted yesterday.

Uploaded by willamania
2:35 PM
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Wedding Picture
So E! News ran a segment on celeb couples and they showed this picture from Willa & Mikes wedding! She looks stunning! I will have a better quality photo and video tomorrow... Enjoy

2:38 AM
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Monday, August 27, 2007
Anyone Ready For Another Contest?
So because of the delay on the make of the DVD's they sent me a free extra copy. So now I have 4. One for myself, One for Kristy & Shannon... and a free one... So I Figured I would make another contest... but this time its going to be more stuff to give away. I managed to get a couple of copies of the "Stepping Out" magazine. So Send me some Ideas for contests.. make them good... Email me at: Sho0wst0pp3r@gmail.com

12:21 PM
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Wrong Way Replies
The official website replied with this:

"IThank you for your response for the film Wrong Way
and Ms. Ford.
At this time we have been "in-talks" with her rep and
nothing more. The IMDB page will be changed. Her name
was not suppossed to be up as of now, but keep
checking in and everyone should know soon who will
play the role of Victoria.
11:38 AM
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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Wrong Way The Movie?

So Stigs84 over at the Willa forum posted this info. about this movie that Willa might be in. Im on the fence about this one... I want to be all about it, but Im also doing some research on it because it seems a little fishy. Here is what I found...

There is a website.

4 websites have reported on this movie so far. Most have posted on the same day Aug. 20th. One said it was a "small indie film". Another said that it begins filming in Nov.

and IMBD.com says that Willa's roll in the film is "in talks".

It seems to be getting a small buzz.

I contacted the official websites contact email and I also contacted UpcomingHorrorMovies.com to ask if they have heard of it or know anything.

Well see what happens... I hope its true.
9:43 PM
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Guavaween DVD's
Okay FINALLY here is the DVD!

7:46 PM
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X17Online Paparazzi
I went ahead and uploaded the video from x17online.com
Ive also put up the link so y'all can download it. Enjoy!

Download Here
11:21 AM
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Willa Ford Marries Hockey Star in Texas
Singer-actress Willa Ford married longtime beau and Dallas Stars hockey player Mike Modano in Athens, Texas on Saturday, her manager tells PEOPLE.

The 26-year-old Ford, who competed in season three of Dancing with the Stars, exchanged vows with Modano, 37, in an early evening ceremony held at a private ranch in front of 75 guests, says Ford's manager, Brad Marks.

The bride wore a wedding gown she designed herself.

The couple had an on-and-off relationship for more than four years before getting engaged in Dallas over the 2006 Thanksgiving holiday. At the time, Ford told PEOPLE her fiance was "calm, cool, collected and very focused. He grounds me."

This is the first marriage for both.

Ever since Dancing, Ford has been busy working on reviving her music career and expanding her acting chops. She landed the lead role of Anna Nicole Smith in a biopic filmed earlier this year. Last week she wrapped Impulse, an independent thriller that filmed in Vancouver.

Ford and Modano bought a home in the Dallas area earlier this year and hope to start a family soon.

"I'm really one of those old-fashioned Southern girls who wants to get married, have a little time as newlyweds and then have babies," Ford said.

10:59 AM
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Saturday, August 25, 2007
Willa Packs on 80 Pounds to Play Anna Nicole
So I found this interview and I have never seen it before... She looks really good! Im uploading the video to our YouTube account and Im also going to put it up for you all to download. Enjoy the screen caps for now...
4:43 PM
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Friday, August 24, 2007
2 New Videos
So out YouTube account keeps growing and growing. Im currently uploading 2 videos. The MTV Cribs extra footage and the KLTV News Spot. I finally found a program that lets me record streaming video, so if you know of a video with Willa in it, that you would like for me to rip and upload to the site please contact me at: sho0wst0pp3r@gmail.com

To download the videos click on the Icons on the side panel in video section. ENJOY!

4:00 PM
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Celebrity Couple To Wed In East Texas This Weekend
Here is a news piece I found on the couple.. It also comes with a video.

Read Full Article HERE
Watch TV Spot HERE
video does not work on mozilla firefox


ALSO Congrats to WillaFord.org! Their video tag appeared on TV! Its always cool to see fan sites on tv too!
12:01 PM
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Thursday, August 23, 2007
MTV Cribs: Video & Caps

So here it is folks, the video and screen caps of Willa & Mikes Cribs episode. Enjoy
ALSO Check out the Extras over at MTV
Click HERE

Cribs Episode Press Play
You can Also Download .mpg Video Here


10:45 PM
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Anna Nicole Premiere Aug 30th?!?

So Bobby Trendy mentioned on a video to TMZ that he was getting ready for the Anna Nicole Movie Premiere that he was starring in, on Aug 30th... Seems kinda soon and I have not seen any promotion for this movie what so ever (as far as TV commercials and an official trailer goes). So well see what happens, cus Aug 30th is a week away. But you also cant believe what weired gay folks say... lol

Here is the video link

I like what TMZ wrote about this clip
"...and talked about his upcoming Anna Nicole Smith flick, starring him. Wonder how Willa Ford feels about that statement!"
2:51 PM
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Friday, August 17, 2007
Willa Ford On CRIBS Next Thursday

Okay finally! Her episode will premiere next Thursday. Check out the video cap, and the video link below. VERY EXITED!

Click here for video preview.
12:17 AM
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Friday, August 10, 2007
And The Winner Is...

Congrats to Kristy G. for competing in the "DVD" contest! I was amazed at how good and how much dedication went into each entry. Which is why I think they both should receive a copy of the Guavaween concert. I will have another contest soon... but next time its going to be a prize pack and their will be prizes for 1st place, 2nd place & 3rd place. I will contact Kristy & Shannon this week, so we can arrange shipping. Thanks everyone who voted!
2:05 PM
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Thursday, August 9, 2007
MTV Cribs Update

So Willa was not on tonights episode... nor will she be on next weeks episode. But I am keeping an eye out, so as soon as I see the preview for her episode I will upload the video asap! But I did find this...

"But that's not all we have in store for you on this season of Cribs! You'll also get to check out Lumidee's crazy lip gloss collection, Don Omar's personal barbershop and boxer Floyd Mayweather's closet, which has aisles like a supermarket. And, possibly falling into the too-much-information department, Willa Ford shows off her color-coordinated bra collection, Yellowcard's Ryan Key delves into his Marilyn Monroe obsession and Bow Wow shows off his shower built for seven -- ladies, prepare to line up!"

[read entire summary here]

List Of Crib Episodes

[Episode One]
Dallas Austin
Floyd Mayweather

[Episode Two]
Kim Kardashian
Roy Williams
DJ Unk

[Episode Three]
Don Omar
Bow Wow
Rudie Johnson

[Unknown Episodes]
Joss Stone
DJ Khaled
Willa Ford
Ryan Key [yellowcard]
11:28 PM
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Sunday, August 5, 2007
Guavaween DVD Contest Voting

The voting has begun! Just click on the image below to go to the voting page. You are only allowed to vote for one person. You are also allowed one vote per computer. Good Luck!

1:37 PM
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Friday, August 3, 2007
"Anna Nicole" Movie Poster Restored

So I managed to restore that small copy I had. Here is a better quality version of it i made. Hopefully well get an official high quality one soon.
Also I posted some screen caps to the trailer I made. Enjoy!

Click Images To View Full Size.

4:28 PM
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Thursday, August 2, 2007
Mike's Previous Crib

So here is info on Mike's old pad that is up for sale for $1,029,000! From the photo it looks very nice. [credit] "Randkris" stated that Mike's new house is reported at around $2+ million. Cribs premieres tonight, so lets hope they show their crib tonight... I cant wait any longer.

More info on this house: Here
1:17 PM
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