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TV/Film Projects

Release Date: 2015
Directed By: Steven C. Miller
Character: Carla
Genre: Drama Thriller

"Submerged" Movie Trailer
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Release Date: 2015
Directed By: Timothy Woodward Jr.
Character: Sasha
Genre: Action Thriller

"Checkmate" Movie Trailer
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"Any Day"
Release Date: 2014
Directed By: Rustam Branaman
Character: Cherry
Genre: Drama Romance Thriller

"Any Day" Movie Trailer
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"The Nurse"
Release Date: 2014
Directed By: Sam Irvin
Character: Lynette
Genre: Thriller

"The Nurse" Trailer
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Release Date: 2012
Directed By: Tawnia McKiernan
Character: Tabatha Delavega
Genre: TV Series

"Leverage" TV Trailer
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"Magic City"
Release Date: 2012
Directed By: Mitch Glazer
Character: Janice
Genre: TV Series

"Magic City" TV Trailer
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"The Glades"
Release Date: 2011
Created By: Clifton Campbell
Character: Shelby Daniels
Genre: TV Series

"The Glades:Shine" TV Episode
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"Universal Squadrons"
Release Date: 2010
Directed By: Mark Millhone
Character: Becca
Genre: Thriller

"Universal Squadrons" Movie Trailer
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"Friday The 13th"
Release Date: February 13, 2009
Directed By: Marcus Nispel
Character: Chelsea
Genre: Horror
Available On DVD

"Friday The 13th" Movie Trailer
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"Anna Nicole"
Release Date: 2008
Directed By: Keoni Waxman
Character: Anna Nicole Smith
Genre: Biography
Available On DVD

"Anna Nicole" Movie Trailer
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Release Date: April 15, 2008
Directed By: Charles T. Kanganis
Character: Claire Dennison
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
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"Impulse" Movie Trailer
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012
2012 ESPY Awards/ESPN Magazine Party

Image Source: The Washington Post

Willa attended the 2012 ESPY Awards & ESPN Magazine "Body Issue" Party on July 11th along side hubby Mike Modano. Willa looked amazing in the purple dress she wore to the awards and her hair looked extra sickening! I'm glad to see them together.

Image Source: MSN Entertainment

8:21 AM
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
ScreenSlam Interview Magic City

SC: Hey Willa, congrats on Magic City. If you could, just fill me in on your character on the show.

WF: Janice Michaels is the resident, crazy redhead of Magic City. Unlike the other girls she has no ulterior motives, she’s not moved by money, she’s not moved by fame, she is doing stuff just out of fun – the adrenalin rush that she gets out of it.

Continue reading here...

11:01 PM
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Tv series "Leverage"

Willa is set to join the cast of "Leverage" on TNT. She will play Tabatha, a feisty woman in her late 20s who owns a local grocery store in the small town of Apple Springs, Eliot (Christian Kane) also takes particular interest in her and asks her to dinner in Episode 511.
Season 5 will premiere July 15, 2012

10:38 PM
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Piranha 3DD Premiere

Willa attended the premiere of "Piranha 3DD" in support of friend Danielle Panabaker on May 29th, 2012.

Image Source : Contact Music

10:05 PM
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Lack of Updates...
Sorry for the lack of updates on my part. Ive been busy with a study abroad program that I went on and a little trip after to see a friend for a few days.  I havent even updated my own site in a long time on top of it. Hopefully now that things are settling for me again, Ill be able to update the blog on Willa. I know WillaMania would not approve of the tag board being used to bash Willa in any form, so please refrain from doing so.  Thanks
4:19 PM
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